Las Vegas Blackjack, Table Game and ETG Survey - Fall 2022

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Vegas Advantage knows the location of every table game in Las Vegas. Find out where to play blackjack, craps, baccarat, roulette and more than twenty other table games. Read the full list of casinos here.

The Las Vegas Blackjack, Table Game and ETG Survey - Fall 2022 covers 76 casinos, including 31 on the Las Vegas Strip and 12 Downtown, with 33 more off-Strip and in the locals market.

Information includes:

  • Minimum bets for blackjack and table games. Live and electronic versions.
  • Blackjack rules, like surrender, re-split aces and if the dealer hits a soft 17
  • Craps rules, such as maximum odds and payout of a field 12
  • Pai gow poker: variants and where to find them
  • Number of zeros on roulette wheels

By request: Downtown, Strip, Locals and off-Strip surveys contain by property listings; including live blackjack, live table games and electronic table games with minimum bet requirements.

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PDFs include

Live Blackjack Survey
72 casinos, 12 pages
Live Table Game Survey
25 games across 69 casinos, 17 pages
Electronic Table Game Survey
69 casinos, 19 pages
Downtown Las Vegas Survey
12 casinos by property, 9 pages
Las Vegas Strip Survey
31 casinos by property, 31 pages
Locals Casinos Survey
19 casinos by property, 19 pages
Off-Strip Casinos Survey
14 casinos by property, 10 pages


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Las Vegas Blackjack, Table Game and ETG Survey - Fall 2022

2 ratings